This year’s Superbowl was special.  It was in Miami, and the legend that is Jennifer Lopez, was performing with Shakira in the halftime show. .

When I watched the performance for the first time, live, I was overwhelmed with admiration, and a burning desire to get up and dance. The talent on display by Ms Lopez, Shakira and the other dancers was so impressive. The second time I watched the recorded show, the following day, was with my child. She watched open-mouthed, and the moment it was over she said “Again! Again!”. This was repeated several times. We have watched it together countless times and each time, the same thought crossed my mind ‘I’d love to choreograph an aerobics routine like this’. Since then, whenever we hear a Jennifer Lopez or Shakira song in the car or on the radio, my daughter recognises it as “Fireworks dancing music!”.

When the 2020 lockdown was enforced to manage the spread of Covid 19, I thought ‘what can I DO? What can I do to help?’. There are a lot of people out there sharing their thoughts and feelings about what we are all collectively experiencing. We all have our own journey to navigate and are all doing the best we can. So, I figured, dancing makes me feel good – I put my trainers on, re-watched the Superbowl halftime show another 37times and came up with an aerobics routine to help myself and others to dance it out. Exercise is a positive psychology intervention – it raises wellbeing, is a mood lifter, and boosts immunity.

There is only one Jennifer Lopez, but we can all have fun doing a routine inspired by that sensational performance in February 2020.

I am sharing the choreography here for anyone who wishes to teach it in a class setting or use it to help them learn the dance. I recommend performing the whole routine (parts 1,2 & 3) to ‘Let’s get loud’ by Jennifer Lopez.

Dance like no-one’s watching… or, if you prefer… Dance like you’re Jennifer Lopez centre stage in a massive stadium packed with people and millions watching live on television!